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Awakening Your Divine Inner Artist Mini-Course

Thank you for tuning in today!

Join me as I share the wonders of color, texture and the magic of the creative process.

“My passion is sharing my excitement and love for the creative fire within and the act of creation itself expressed through painting. I am inspired to provide you with the opportunity to grow into your capacity for living creatively and artfully!”

This complimentary mini course features a collection of three videos that focus on the creative practice mixed media Art Journaling. I offer two different prompts and show simple techniques for creating artwork combining color and text.

Art Journaling is super fun and is a wonderful creative self-discovery practice that you can do over the course of your lifetime! See it like a journal, notebook and diary where you can doodle, write, draw, paint, collage and muse both in heart and mind. You can choose create art journals guided by a theme, using materials that you love, collect over time, simply from everyday life!

Here are some examples of themes that you might explore as you embark on your own art journal creative journey!

A few ideas for themes are:


Creative business visioning/planning

Tribute to someone special


Intentions and Affirmations


And much much more! The sky is the limit! Whatever you are curious about can serve as your guide for your mixed media art journal practice!

In this mini-course, my hope is to inspire you to start and sustain an art-making practice as well as share a couple of hands-on activities to get you started in your own art journal journey!


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Teaching Artist

Lórien Eck

Hello! I am Lórien!I am an artist and teacher helping modern spiritual women like you find the space to nourish your Divine inner artist, so you can feel confident creating beautiful art while cultivating deep self-love, healing, empowerment and an “I can do” attitude in life!I am here to gently and lovingly show you the way through your own creative process. I do this to you through my Art with Lórien learning programs using my Aloha Method™ that supports you to embark on your creative path with passion and confidence!In my studio I produce a rich and evolving collection of mixed media paintings on a variety of surfaces; for example, French cotton paper or gallery wrap canvas. I incorporate pigments, inks, crystals, minerals and a selection of magical elements. My magical elements include Reiki blessings, crystal and lunar energy-infused water and my pure intention to beautify your world.I take great pleasure in creativity of all kinds! I am an enthusiastic, fun-loving, creative innovator, who has a passion for beauty, nature, humor, curiosity and an insatiable love for art and self-expression!I was born in Los Angeles and raised in sunny Laguna Niguel, California. I am an artist and have been creating at least since I was three years old with mega support from my artist dad and flight attendant mom! I am proud to be an award-winning educator who has taught visual arts in the Los Angeles public schools and internationally for over 15 years. Now, I am a creative entrepreneur who maintains a thriving art studio and resides with her partner Kevin and best friend Mu, goldador in Los Angeles, CA.I graduated from San Francisco State University (B.A. Studio Art), St. Lawrence University, New York (M.Ed.), Otis College of Art and Design, and CSU International Programs in Florence, Italy. I maintain a California State Teaching Credential and achieved a National Board Certification in Art, Adolescence to Young Adults. And, I have had the honor of being published in national teaching journals as well as part of an anthology published by Irvine: CLAT Publications in association with UC Press. Learn more about Lórien.

Course curriculum

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    • Welcome!

    • Art with Lórien Suggested Materials Start-Up List

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    Chapter 1 ~ 3 Tips to Start a Creativity Practice

    • 3 Tips to Start a Creativity Practice Video Description

    • 3-Tips to Start a Daily Art Making Practice

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    Chapter 2 ~ Discovering Art Journaling Activity

    • Discovering Art Journaling Video Description

    • Discovering Art Journaling Activity ~ A Mixed Media Motto

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